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What humanity learned from the Stanford Prison Experiment

Written by Kamea Zelisko on .

The study aimed to discover guard brutality reported in American prisons had to do with their sadistic natures, or the prison environment. The Stanford Prison Experiment ended after 6 days, when guards began to abuse prisoners, and prisoners began to experience mental breakdowns. By...

Prison exchange program brings diverse groups together

Written by Kamea Zelisko on .

"The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program increases opportunities for people, inside and outside of prison, to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue, inviting participants to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern." —

Correctional Education Crucial to Inmates' Future Success

Written by Kamea Zelisko on .

Receiving education and training behind bars can help prevent youth from re-entering the justice system in the future. By Christopher ZoukisAmerica's prison population began to spike in 1975. But why?Prior to that time, the incarceration rate was pretty level. Since the late 70s, though,...

It’s Time to End the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Written by Kamea Zelisko on .

Statistics show that nonwhite and disadvantaged children are at the highest risk of going from school to jail.  (Photo credit: Philip Laconte, Flickr) By Christopher ZoukisThe “school-to-prison pipeline” describes the unfortunate trend of kids graduating not out of school, but rather int...

Florida Bill Seeks To Educate Prisoners to Reduce Recidivism

Written by Kamea Zelisko on .

Providing a high school education combined with mental health and addiction treatment  has proven to be a successful formula to reduce recidivism. By Christopher ZoukisIn Florida, one in four released prisoners is re-incarcerated—and it's a lack of education that's largely to blame.With...