ACE Symposium 2013 Essay from Sarah M. Hunt

ACE Symposium 2013 Essay Sarah M. Hunt AZ Department of Corrections While at the Arizona Correctional Educator’s Symposium in May 2013, I attended several interesting sessions. The most interesting one to me was PBIS in Detention Centers: Positive Behavioral Supports for High Risk Behaviors by Sarup Mathur, Jennifer Torchia, and Suman Pangasa. This presentation was about how to develop, design, and implement a positive behavior intervention support (PBIS) program in juvenile justice

Thanks from James Hill

July 15, 2013 A.C.E. Governing Board and Symposium Planning Committee             I would like to thank A.C.E. for organizing the 11th Annual Professional Development Symposium—Phoenix Rising and sponsoring my attendance.  Participating in the conference proved to be a really enjoyable and beneficial experience.             The symposium chose keynote speakers that both reminded me of the importance of educating our incarcerated youth and provided me with some new strategies for dealing

2013 Summary of My Experiences by Jim Scullary

Summary of My Experience at the 2013 ACE Symposium There were two distinct highlights for me during the 2013 ACE Symposium. Both contained essential information which I was able to take away with me. The two highlights were as follows: 1. Proven Methods to Prepare for Your Accreditation External by Dr. Don Enz. Dr. Enz’s presentation was of particular value to those of us at the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) who are involved the creation of an accredited High School. The Minor’s

Thank you from Shannon Kinne

This year’s symposium was fabulous! From the beautiful symposium sight at the Wild Horse Pass resort to the funniest motivational speaker, I thought that the symposium was a great turnout for all. As a presenter, I thought the teaching arena was nicely set up, making presenting easy to do for a large group. The workmanship of the ACE Board to put such a nice event together for the correctional educators of Arizona always amazes me. Thank you for the invitation to teach again, as it is always

Summary of My Experience at the 2013 ACE Symposium by Gena Garland

Summary of My Experience at the 2013 ACE Symposium The ACE Symposium, Hopes and Dreams: Working for Tomorrow’s Success Today! is exactly what the symposium was all about. What a refreshing experience it was to gather with other secure care professionals from around the great state of Arizona to teach, learn, collaborate and support each other in a positive and productive environment. My experience at the ACE (Arizona Correctional Educators) Symposium was incredible for many reasons. First, by